Crystalview® Teledermatology (TD) Series is a Next Generation Telemedicine product wholly owned and created by NorthernLights Solutions. The Key Focus of Crystalview® TD Series brings advancement to the Dermatology world using the technology that will provide real-time teleconsultation like none other. The Crystalview® TD series is a vertical concept of NorthernLights Solutions. Using Crystalview® HD technologies as a base, we are able to transform the telemedicine industry into greater heights. Through our endless research, we aim to continue creating and innovating better experiences for the doctors and patients.
Crystalview® TD series comes with numerous products. It is innovating using the most advance technological video conferencing method. It can perform live doctor-patient consultation from any equipped district clinics to equipped hospital. It reduces travel time, increases productivity and reduces untreated skin diseases. Hardware’s are uniquely integrated to optimize the running of Crystalview® TD System using state of the art Digital Microscope. Doctors and nurses can take pictures during ‘live consultation’. Such a uniquely integrated secured platform is important for today’s advancement in Telemedicine. Patient-Doctor privacy must be fully protected whiles using user-friendly solution.
The innovative live interactive teleconsultation platform from Crystalview® TD System allows the doctor to diagnose and perform live consultation directly with the patient. The Doctor will be able to medically prescribe real-time using Office Editing Suite. The doctor will also be able to present and share ‘live consultations’ for cross examination or conferences. With Document conference, doctors will get the actual copy thus retaining the document quality without being compromise.
Crystalview® TD Cloud Database is a revolutionary cloud-based system that synchronizes all types of skin diseases, doctor’s consultation and prescription in a whole. The database will be hosted in a cloud server and accessible from Crystalview® TD System anywhere in the world. Dermatologist around the world can upload and have accesses to this server through their association.

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