Police/ARM Forces

Dynamic changes are taking place today in military communications. Joint and coalition interoperability, communications infrastructure for homeland defense, global network mobility and flexibility as well as the over-arching need to achieve real-time information superiority are some of the issues that are driving the development of infrastructure, standards, equipment and technologies for the military of tomorrow.
Armed forces around the world require customized command, control and secured communications infrastructures in order to deal with various rapidly changing tactical operational environments. Soldiers and army personnel need the extra edge when combating enemies in open fields and uncertain environments.
In order to help these soldiers to optimize their new role in emergencies and in the battlefield, NLTVC has developed a unique secure multimedia videoconferencing system called Advanced Mobile Multimedia Conferencing System (AMMCS), a secure audio-visual communication system that is developed in the current market for multi-warfare purposes, ranging from national to international public security.

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