The government spends an enormous amount of money on travel alone. This will also have an impact on the environment at the same time because of the carbon emission. A switch to videoconferencing equipment will help the different government agencies to communicate with each other anytime and also helps in cost cutting at the same time. US government alone spends $15 billion in travel every year. NASA was quick enough to release this and was able to save $21 million by switching to video conferencing.
Security of the video conferencing has been a major concern for various government agencies especially in the field of military. To resolve this issue, NLTVC provides them with a MCU of their own which means the video conferencing happens within their control and thereby, preventing sniffing.
Malaysian prison uses the video conferencing facility in order to help the inmates to communicate with their friends and relatives. This helped them provide enough care to the inmates and also helped them in cost cutting.

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