Crystalview® HD 8100 Video Conferencing System

Crystalview HD 8100 series is a versatile video conference system with unmatched flexibility and quality. The stylish system design with a Full HD fixed camera that supports up to 30 frames per second; enable crystal clear video communication at anywhere, anytime. While communicating, Crystalview Advanced Document Conference Technology shares real-time presentations and documents to all the participants.

It is an ideal Boardroom video conference solution for Small Hotel Conference Rooms, Office Meeting Rooms, and Classrooms ranging up to 8 people or more (depends on room size).
Pricing Package: Email us at for attractive price deals
TickCamera PTZ 10 times zoom
TickBig codec box
TickSuitable for big meeting room
TickSupport dual screen
Tick120GB recording
TickSupports: CliteHD/Skype/H.323/Zoom/MsTeams
TickQuad core processor
TickCan use USB mic
TickMaximum no. of participants (depends on user’s license/account capacity)

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